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The QuiksilverEdition Mission was a temporary community space in Venice Beach, California.

From June 8th until August 30th 2007, our open hours were Thursday and Friday evenings, and then every Saturday from early in the morning until late at night. On Sundays we organized midday activities, workshops and neighborhood outings. Our events were varied, but united by the values of the QuiksilverEdition brand: “The Mission on Abbot Kinney strives to ensure a sustainable natural environment, a welcome and creative society and the freedom to enjoy life’s easy pleasures.” Please use the tabs at the top of this page to navigate through more information about QuikSilverEdition and to view Our Mission Statement.

Mission Accomplished!

It has been a wild ride this summer at the Mission - hard to sum up with either pictures or words. It started as an experiment, a hopeful venture.

The Venice installment of the QuikSilverEdition Mission is officially over. Yesterday we packed up and cleaned out the Mission.

Nothing like the QuikSilverEdition Mission had ever been done before and a lot of people went out on a limb to make it happen. Thank you to all the Venice residents, the Quiksilver employees, the many partners and volunteers, the bands, the artists, the cooks, the crafters, the bikers, the skaters and the architects surfers, the filmmakers and journalists, the interns and the neighbors.  Would never have happened without you.

And the winner is…

Here at the Mission we got a taste of what a university regent’s lecture is like when Glenn Hening came by to host our Saturday Missionary Speaker Series.  Modern Surfing: Is it a Business, a Contact Sport or a Religion? was the name of the talk and Glenn brought up some very provocative questions about where we, all of us as surfers and as complicit agents in the surf culture, should position ourselves within this contemporary context.  It was a multimedia experience with video, DVD, music not to mention Glenn’s very animated narration.  We also had the pleasure of inspecting a couple of Glenn’s bamboo veneer boards as well as a chance to pick up his novel, Waves of Warning. Thank you Glenn and all of you who attended.


Arbor Massive Skate

Here’s the idea: get a bunch of skaters together on a Friday evening, hop them up on RedBull and set them loose on the town.

Easy… and fun.  Check in with Arbor to see if their threats to make it a regular event are true.

Who loves short shorts? The QuikSilverEdition Mission that’s who! Last night was filled with short films - courtesy of our friends at FootyCS - and even shorter shorts.  Nothing better than exposing some local filmmaking talent and a little upper thigh in the same night.  Special thanks to the guys from 2 Rooz Vodka for keeping the party going late.

Big Weekend Coming Up!

Short-Shorts, Massive Skate, Lots of Music, Modern Surfing with Glenn Hening and the last Neighborhood BBQ Cook-Off…

All good things must come to an end…
And so it is with the QuikSilverEdition Mission (Venice Edition). This will be our last full weekend of events, and it is a very full Weekend. (although you shouldn’t miss the screening next Thursday)

A full schedule summary available after the jump. Continue Reading »

There are few events this summer which have made me as proud of Venice and the people who live here. It was an incredible bike-ride made possible by all of you who joined us. Enormous thanks goes out to our leader, architect David Hertz, who opened up his mind and then his house for our enjoyment. And also, to Tibby Rothman of the VenicePaper whose enthusiasm alone seems to power this town.

Also check here for a photobucket submitted by our friend, Betty.


If you care about your ocean, then care about your yard. Learn about CPR-Conservation, Permeability and Retention.

Amazing resources are available at Surfrider’s Ocean Friendly Gardening site.

Thanks to Joe Geever and Surfrider for giving us this important information. If you missed the presentation and want some collateral material you can find brochures here at the Mission.

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