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Aug 022015

Clean, healthy, safe and green – our vision for every home and business.


At Certi-Green, we combine customer service excellence with eco-friendly initiatives to deliver the best carpet cleaning services in Richmond, Virginia.

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Sustainability and the use of renewable resources - What are the sources for the ingredients that make up the "green cleaning" solutions? Many surfactants and most solvents are derived from petroleum oil - a limited resource that requires environmental impact to extract or pump.

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We now have safer and effective cleaning detergents that are comprised of surfactants derived from plants and seeds.

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These are renewable resources that can be sustained over a long period of time.


However, there are still some surfactants that are considered green even though their source is not readily renewable, simply because they are from a natural environment.

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At New York Carpet Cleaning, We Put Your Safety First A truck mounted system is more powerful than a portable one offering MAXIMUM SOIL REMOVAL.


For buyers looking to get the best home carpet cleaning machine that money can buy, this is it.

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According to users who have tried top-rated machines like the Hoover SteamVac with Clean Surge or the Rug Doctor , the cleaning results of the Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine 86T3 beats them out.


The cleaning results are also reported to be superior to that of the leading regular-grade upright carpet cleaner, the Bissell ProHeat 2X.


The green cleaning process includes a commitment on the part of your company to recognize the systematic approach to green cleaning.

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You have nothing to lose but a dirty looking carpet.

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Restore that old, dingy carpet and make it look like it was just installed new.

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Your friends and family will think you've just installed new carpeting.

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So go ahead, what are you waiting for? Call us at (915) 351-0196 and receive your 10% discount today! Brasure's is the areas only "True" Oriental Rug cleaning plant.


Using state of the art Mor Rug dusting, rinsing and wringing equipment along with our controlled drying room to offer the best possible rug cleaning available.

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We offer our customers a tour of our facilities before their rug is cleaned and explain every step in the process.


Pick-up and delivery available, or lug your rugs and receive a discount for Cash & Carry.

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Here I was just a struggling, dead-broke carpet cleaner and suddenly I had more clients and work than I could handle.


So, the first step toward success is to stop wasting money on advertising that clearly does not work.

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Instead, funnel your efforts into the real secret behind making a lot of money in the carpet cleaning business.

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We treat your home like our own; carpet stains, marks and spots will be treated.


Steam Power (Roto-Vac) cleans your carpets.

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Pets no problem! Such things as adequate entry matting, topically-applied protectants, pile lifting, vacuuming, spotting, repairs and the need for a regular maintenance program are things that will benefit the customer and make your work easier the next time you clean the customer''s carpet.


Hundreds of families and businesses regularly count on Green Light's 5 star service (check out our Yelp reviews ).


There are few, if any, cleaning businesses that care as much about establishing a trusting, long-term relationship than Green Light.

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Now before you roll your eyes and tell me Than Just An "Effective Marketing Plan.

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The 2014 Urban Tree Of The Year

Aug 012015

Artistic Arborist, Inc.

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is a full service tree and plant health management firm, which includes a consultation department, a service department, a tree care supply store and an education department Check in the phone directory yellow pages for those arborists who advertise as ISA Certified Arborists or display the official logo of the ISA Certified Arborist.


Certified arborists are experienced professionals who have passed an extensive examination covering all aspects of tree care.

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Maine Forest Service Maine Landscape & Nursery Association Our research objectives are to understand mechanisms of oak resistance to P.

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ramorum infection and to develop methods for predicting resistance within natural populations.

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The identification of field resistant oak will allow us to protect valuable trees from pre-emptive eradication efforts and urban development, and provide valuable genetic material for breeding of resistant tree stock.

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The American Daylily Society Bur Oak, Quercus macrocarpa (Native) - Bur Oak is the preeminent tree of Midwestern savannas; it can survive floods, droughts, and even prairie fires, making it one the most urban-tolerant trees.


The Bur Oak develops into a majestic, rugged-looking tree that ultimately grows 70' or greater in height and equally wide.

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Leaves are often lustrous dark green in summer while fall color is dull yellow to yellow-brown.



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The larger municipalities in Slovenia have state foresters, natural resource personnel and arborists who recognize the need for a community tree management plan, as well as a point person to lead the way in tree care.

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Communities without formal programs face the loss of a valuable resource, the opportunity to continue planting and making positive decisions about trees for the future.


recognize that to be successful, we can't operate in isolation, and have to go out of our way to reach out to other departments within our municipal structures.

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” water newly-planted trees once every seven to ten days during dry periods in spring, summer, and fall; Other Public Trees National Urban & Community Forestry Advisory Committee Urban Forests/Tree Care If you have a web link suggestion for us to consider adding to this page, please send an This email address is being protected from spambots.


You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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or call (703) 753-0499.

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Big Tree Registries Environmental Education Federal, State and Local Government Agencies For Students Forest Health Jobs Non-profits Professional Organizations Universities and Colleges Urban Forestry and Forestry - General International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist #0h0802A, since inception of the program in 1992.

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Recertified every 3 years attaining 180 credit hours since certification to stay updated and informed and learn, learn, learn.

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Carpet Cleaning Boise

Aug 012015

DC carpet cleaning is a service you can trust.


When you let us into your home or office, you can rest assure you will get exactly what you paid for.

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We have no hidden charges, we play no tricks, our reputation is just too valuable for us.

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King Of Your Castle Having your carpet professionally cleaned regularly is essential to maintaining the look of your carpet, its wear life and the air quality in your home.

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Your carpet acts as a filter, collecting soil, pet dander, dust mites, and other allergens.

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Regular vacuuming is important but is not enough to remove the deeply embedded soil that gets attached to the carpet fibers.


This trapped dirt is actually abrasive, scratching and damaging the carpet fibers eventually causing premature wear.

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The only way to remove this soil is to have your carpet professionally cleaned by a trusted company Carpet, grout, upholstery – it doesn't matter.


When you call us, you get industry-leading deep cleaning processes that give you great looking floors and stains that disappear.

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Using a unique line of organic cleaning agents, we'll work hard on those high-traffic areas to ensure that every floor in your home looks brand new.

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Have pets? You'll love our ability to eliminate stains and odors alike.

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Clean floors start with a free estimate that will help you decide which of our services are right for your home.

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Call us for a free estimate that works for you.

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From pretreatment to quick dry technologies, you'll love our 5-step process that leaves every floor in your home cleaner than you ever expected.


Truck-mounted carpet cleaning is a water-based vacuum extraction system that eliminates the need for an in-home water or power source and is exponentially more powerful than conventional portable machines.


With the addition of increased operator control over pressure and temperature and the ability to remove the majority of the moisture from the cleaning surface, truck-mounted carpet cleaning reduces drying time and can be tailored to meet your specific cleaning needs.

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Often we encounter a suspicious look from homeowners who have been fooled in the past by either carpet cleaning scams or over priced branded cleaning services.

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Our method to ease our client's hearts is fully explaining to them what to expect before the cleaning session begins.

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This is in order to avoid any surprises or disappointments.


We inspect and mark every stain and every spot on your carpet and comb your residence for things only the professional eye can spot.

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Cleaning Walk through.

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Carpet Cleaning Canandaigua, Victor, Geneva NY

Jul 302015

Your home is one of your most prized possessions and that includes the inside.

Chandlersville OH lawn mowing

You want your carpet to look the best that it can be—not dirty and dingy when company drops by.


But more than that, you want your carpet to be clean for your own family, as this promotes the best health and well-being in the environment within your home for your children and yourself.

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You need a high-quality, professional carpet cleaning service you can count on.


REASONS TO KEEP YOUR CARPET SHINY AND CLEAN Our San Antonio carpet cleaning technicians will evaluate the condition of your carpets upon pre-inspection, review the areas that need to be treated and assess the cleaning needed, use all natural cleaning solution that cleans your carpet down to the padding without damaging it or leaving harsh chemicals or residue that may be harmful to you, your pets and your family.


You carpets come clean with the best carpet cleaning San Antonio has to offer.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee Only The Best in Carpet Cleaning San Antonio Sustainability and the use of renewable resources - What are the sources for the ingredients that make up the "green cleaning" solutions? Many surfactants and most solvents are derived from petroleum oil - a limited resource that requires environmental impact to extract or pump.


We now have safer and effective cleaning detergents that are comprised of surfactants derived from plants and seeds.

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These are renewable resources that can be sustained over a long period of time.

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However, there are still some surfactants that are considered green even though their source is not readily renewable, simply because they are from a natural environment.

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Natural Carpet Cleaning is who you have been looking for.

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We use plant based products that are safe for the whole family (and your pets too!).

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We have over 10 years of experience and IICRC training to help get your home as clean as possible.


Our staff is very respectful and pleasant to work with.

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Natural Carpet Cleaning guarantees the work that we do 100%.

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You can trust us to do the job right.

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Take a look at our testimonial page to see what others say about Natural Carpet Cleaning Feel free to browse our website and see all we can offer for you and your family.

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Tree Trimming & Removal Service San Jose, CA

Jul 292015

Jim Urban and the International Society of Arboriculture are offering his “Up By Roots” one day seminar on June 28, 2012, in Rochester, MN! Together, Andy and Chris unite technical expertise, urban forest management experience, and recognized ability.

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Together we can serve you in managing the establishment and preservation of a single tree, a large property or an entire urban forest.

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Partner resumes Andrew Pleninger formed Urban Forestry, LLC in 2000 to provide urban forestry and arboricultural consulting services to communities and clients in western New York.


It is one of the only urban forestry consulting firms in New York.


His skills, experience and expertise are in arboriculture, and planning and management of large populations of trees.

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Arborists looking for certification training and education can choose from several specialty certifications.

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The private company, ACRT, offers training and education for beginners to advanced arborists, with classes leading to certifications like ACRT's Line Clearance Certification.

GFCI outlet in Easton TX

ACRT also offers five-day workshops to help prepare arborists for the ISA certification exam.


Another specialty certification comes from the Urban Forests Council, with chapters in most states.

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The California Urban Forests Council offers an Urban Forester Certification Program for arborists concentrating on urban forestry in that state.

Easton CT GFCI outlet

The California Urban Forests Council provides its own training materials for arborists interested in obtaining its certification.


Additionally, most cities in Minnesota require arborists to be licensed by the respective city if the company wishes to perform tree work within the city limits.

GFCI outlet in Nichols IA

Licensing only means that the various tree care companies have paid an annual licensing fee and have shown proof of insurance.


Licensing in Minnesota does not imply proficiency.

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To that end, many communities are requiring that tree care companies working on publicly-owned trees employ ISA Certified Arborists in addition to registering with the community as a licensed tree care company.



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